Peats Tropical Soil Solutions

Peats Soil & Garden Supplies has a vision to be a world leader in sustainable and innovative organics recycling. For over 45 years Peats have been processing and marketing recyclable organic resources, creating valuable landscaping, garden and horticultural products and earning a reputation as a true environmental and carbon friendly company.

Our expansion into the Northern Territory has seen the establishment of our fifth organics processing and manufacturing site and local presence Peats Tropical Soil Solutions. Co-located at Shoal Bay Waste Management Facility, Peats work in partnership with KTM and site operators, Veolia to divert valuable organic resources from landfill and provide premium products for use by farmers and commercial landscape and civil projects in the Northern Territory.

Our partner Katherine Tree Maintenance (KTM) are a well-established local Territory business offering expertise in arboriculturist and landscape services and providing tree pruning and removal, onsite grinding, mulching, recycling and civil works.

Peats support the principals of Reduce Reuse Recycle and in turn support NT local government, business and the general public to work towards the reduction of recoverable organic waste sent to landfill and the transition to a circular economy.


A range of quality mulches and soil conditioner products are available at the Shoal Bay Site.

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Reduce Evaporation and Erosion | Build Soil Health | Save Water

Double Grind Mulch

Peats Double Grind
Manure Blend Mulch

Single Grind Mulch

Peats Garden
Blend 10mm

Top Dresser Mix

Veggie Mix

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Peats Tropical Soil Solutions – Shoal Bay Vanderlin Drive, Holmes. NT

Are you a farmer or commercial grower looking to put life into your soil?
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