Leading organics recycling, composting and renewable energy manufacturer Peats Group Ltd are proud to announce the official opening of their fifth organics processing and manufacturing site. Co-located at Shoal Bay Waste Management Facility in the Northern Territory, the official opening event will be held on Thursday 24th September at 10.30am.

Peats Group commenced organics processing operations on 1st April 2020 in conjunction with processing partners Katherine Tree Maintenance (KTM) and site operators Veolia, resulting in production of 10,000 cubic metres of mulch products in the first three months. Plans are in place for the processing facility to be fully operational by mid 2021.

Operating under the banner of Peats Group, Peats Soil and Garden Supplies is a second-generation company with a vision to be a world leader in sustainable and innovative organics recycling. Based in South Australia, for 45 years Peats have been processing and marketing recyclable organic resources, creating valuable landscaping, garden and horticultural products and earning a reputation as a true environmental and carbon friendly company.

Drawing on years of composting experience and expertise, streamlining the processing of the current organic materials and growing the capacity of the Darwin site will be paramount. The operations will provide businesses and City of Darwin residents with a solution for their green waste and will importantly divert organic materials from landfill.
The breakdown of organic materials in landfill generates the potent greenhouse gas methane and produces potentially polluting leachate. From a climate perspective, diverting green waste from landfill has the largest impact of any solid waste component.

Apart from the environmental reasons to divert green organics from landfill, the processing of these materials produces nutrient rich soil improving products for growers, farmers, landscapers and gardeners to use.
City of Darwin CEO, Scott Waters said he was delighted to see Shoal Bay diverting waste from landfill and turning it into a valuable commodity.
“The creation of mulch from green waste represents a circular economy; we are extending the lifecycle of this resource by recycling and repurposing it to create a saleable material.”

Peats soil amendment and mulch products are already available at the site, including the innovative carbon building product Peats Blend 437™ granules, and others will be added as operations expand.

Peats Managing Director, Peter Wadewitz said, “Our product will improve soil production, water retention, is environmentally sustainable and carbon friendly and we are ready to work with the agricultural industry in the Territory to deliver great outcomes.”

Peats look forward to supporting residents, local government, commercial and agricultural industry in the Northern Territory to “Put life into their soils”.


Peats Shoal Bay Mulch & Organics Processing Facility
Shoal Bay Access Road (off Vanderlin Drive), Karama NT
Contact Phone: 0429 803 919
Open 7:30 am to 4:30 pm 7 Days per Week (excluding Christmas Day – Closed)

Products currently available
• Peats Mulch
• Peats Manure Mulch Blend
• Peats Garden Blend
• Peats Vegetable Blend
• Peats Blend 437™ granules

Peats Soil & Garden Supplies is a second-generation, South Australian company focused on receiving, processing and marketing recyclable organic resources in bulk and bag forms.

Organics Recycling
Peats receive and process much of metropolitan Adelaide’s green organics through council kerbside and business collections, as well as food organics from hotels, supermarkets, food processors and manufacturers utilising the globally famous BiobiN® organic waste collection and on-site processing facilities.

Landscape and Garden Supplies
Peats offer a range of popular compost, soil and mulch products – available at numerous retail outlets and provided directly to landscapers, civil contractors, schools and local government organisations.

Agriculture & Horticultural Products
Peats cater to broadacre farmers, vineyards, vegetable growers, orchards, nut growers and turf management specialists with a range of Australian Standard and NASAA certified organic compost, soil, mulch and top-dressing products.

For More Information
Peats Group Ltd, Peats Soil & Garden Supplies, Head Office – P O Box 66, Willunga SA 5172
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