• Unlock Your Soil’s Full Potential and Boost Crop Growth

    Unlock Your Soil's Full Potential and Boost Crop Growth With over 27,000 views and counting, our YouTube video showcasing UnEarth by Peats has captured the attention of farmers and commercial growers worldwide. This revolutionary product has transformed the way we approach soil management, of
  • We’d love to meet you at the South East Field Day

    The 2022 South East Field Days will be held in Lucindale, South Australia. Field Days attract an average 600 exhibitors and 22,000 visitors over the two day period. We will be there site #412 The South East Field Days are primarily agricultural field days with an emphasis on catering for the n
  • Peats Newsletter

                          Peats newsletter is a great insight into the world of Peats Soil. We will keep you up to date with all the latest Peats news and events as well as newsletter only specials. Each issue is
  • Peats Whyalla Composting Facility Opening

              Peats Group Ltd – Whyalla Composting Facility Opening Leading organics recycling, composting and renewable energy manufacturer Peats Group Ltd are proud to announce the official opening of their fourth compost and renewable energy manufa
  • Peats Helps Farmers to Carbon Enrich their Soils

    Enabling any Farmer, anywhere to work their land with precision Farmers today are becoming more aware of the need to build carbon into their soils to enhance their farming operations. Peats are working with landowners who are striving to meet a soil carbon target. Research suggests soil
  • Waste Not Want Not: Peats Landline exclusive on the War on Waste

    For many years Peats Soil & Garden Supplies have been turning what others perceive as "waste" into valuable, nutrient rich products. Peats are at the forefront of the War on Waste and the BiobiN® is a fantastic example of a circular economy. Landline came to our Brinkley site to find out mo
  • The Compost Story

    Watch this fantastic video showing how important managing your organic waste and compost is for our environment (produced by Kiss The Ground). This video highlights our vision and purpose of existence as a company and the future of the world we are focused on. Share this wonderful video and help us
  • Peat’s Radio Ads

      Keep an ear out for our new ads on Radio 5MU commenced on 16/3/16. If you are not sure how Peats can help your agricultural/horticultural or viticultural business, get in touch with us today! Listen to the ads below. [audio mp3="
  • Biodiesel way of future

    Originally published on Big Rigs, 28th October 2015 - Click here to view South Australia-based Peats Soil has developed its own biodiesel manufacturing plant using dirty water it collects from food manufacturing locations. The biodiesel will be used to fuel a new fleet of 13 Scania trucks it i