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  • Water Water Everywhere – 50% Plus Savings

    During the summer's most intense heatwave, Grosset Wine Vineyards thrived on only 3 hours irrigation per day compared to neighbouring properties requiring 5 - 7 hours per day. The difference? ... Peats Nitra Mulch Significant water savings and yield improvements have also been uncovered in a cas
  • Peats Helps Farmers to Carbon Enrich their Soils

    Enabling any Farmer, anywhere to work their land with precision Farmers today are becoming more aware of the need to build carbon into their soils to enhance their farming operations. Peats are working with landowners who are striving to meet a soil carbon target. Research suggests soil
  • Paddocks
  • Kinyerrie Partnership farm

    WHO: Joe Sandford, Farm Manager, Kinyerrie Partnership WHERE: Keith, South Australia WHAT: Lucerne seed, hay crop, cattle, and lamb AIM: Unlock nutrients in the soil; improve soil texture, significant reduction in fertilizer bill and better soil health over time OUTCOMES -Sites have
  • sprinkler
  • Oakville Potatoes

    WHO: Oakville potatoes WHERE: Nildottie, South Australia WHAT: Centre Pivot potato farming AIM: Help the sandy soil’s water and nutrient holding capacity. Stop fertilizer and water loss through rapid leaching using Peats soils cultured compost. OUTCOMES -The trial is still under w
  • Blend 437

    Aspire to grow the perfect vegetable? The story of how one vegetable grower made an extra $119,200 from a hectare of carrots. Who: Vegetable Growing Family Business Where: West Victoria What: One of the largest organic carrots growers in Australia Product and application rate: Top Quali